Analyzed Games

The games on this list have some official analysis here on the blog. Some are hit more than once in different aspects, others get woven together in topics.

List up to date as of 3/17/17

  1. Final Fantasy XI (MMORPG)
  2. Mario Kart 8 (Party Racer)
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Tactics RPG)
  4. Life Is Strange (Narrative)
  5. Gish (Platformer)
  6. Lugaru (Brawler)
  7. Penumbra: Overture (Spoopy FPS-y Thing)
  8. World of Goo (Puzzle)
  9. Braid (Puzzle)
  10. Beach Island (Dating Sim)
  11. Osmos (Puzzle)
  12. Bastion (Action)
  13. Pillars of Eternity (RPG)
  14. Psychonauts (3d Platformer)
  15. Trine (Puzzle Platformer)
  16. D&D (Tabletop RPG)
  17. Shadowgrounds (Top-Down Shooter)
  18. Sword & Sworcery (Point-n-Click Adventure)
  19. Hearthstone (Digital CCG)
  20. No Man’s Sky (Explore ’em up)
  21. Night in the Woods (narrative)
  22. Character Creation is the Whole Game (character builder)