Reviews & Priase for Always On Time

“On the next day, the constables will have a chance to thwart a train heist in a swampy terrain, with aberrations and bandits – and thankfully a nice breakdown of locations, number of spawns and cars for the respective characters, making this encounter complex, but manageable for an experienced DM.

Zeitgeist modules are damn friggin’ complex beasts, but gloriously so – they involve a lot of moving parts, NPCs, contingencies and options for DM to get the module, proverbially, back on track. This is no exception and while the module is, quite literally, a railroad, it also is surprisingly player-driven with all the suspects, investigation guidelines, etc. allowing for a lot of outcomes, for a lot of different approaches, while always providing options for the DM to get things back on track. Sorry, I swear that was the final railway-pun. So is this a great module? Yes, yes, indeed – author Jacob Driscoll has delivered a complex, cool investigation against a unique backdrop, one that not as complex as CoC’s legendary Orient express-campaign, but one that fits seamlessly in with the overall AP. More so than in previous installments, though, DMs should take heed to impress the investigation-focus of the whole AP: Players seeking primarily roll-playing will be frustrated by this triumphantly brains-over-brawns module. My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars + seal of approval – I applaud the sheer guts of deviating from the mostly combat-driven gameplay of most modules towards a rewarding ROLEplaying experience seldom seen in any d20-based system.”– Review by reviewer ENDZEITGEIST at Nerd Trek

Four and Five-star reviews on the main retailer, RPGNow

“With every entry, Zeitgeist tends to give the middle finger to traditional adventure design. Always on Time feels like the biggest screw you I have read so far. And it is a true feat in adventure writing. Always on Time is a very different adventure. It does not hold any punches nor try to appease everyone. It is designed for players and dungeon masters who put roleplaying ahead of a meaningless series of fights. I highly suggest this to any group tired of the same old same old.” – Review from the collected reviews on the adventure path.